Heritage House in Mill Valley

Our client had lived in this house for 25 years and raised her children here.  She was now ready to reconsider the spaces of this small 1600-sf, 3 bed / 2 bath house for the next phase of her life.

Her program included a larger master suite, a family/media room connected to the kitchen and a rethink of the side yard space off of the kitchen for entertaining. Since the lot is so small, the zoning rules would not allow any additional floor area.  However, the zoning did require us to provide on-site parking.   The only solution to the parking is a two car garage under the house, but the bonus to this is a deck off of the Living Room level.

Although the house is not listed on a historic register, it is considered a heritage home and a valuable part of the City’s fabric.  The addition of dormers to the existing roof line added needed headroom and allowed us to preserve the existing building envelope.

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