Renovation of a Victorian, San Francisco

A young family purchased this four story Victorian in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights in 2005. The design intent was to modernize while retaining some of the original Victorian rhythms of spaces and hierarchy. The client also wanted to gently introduce some design elements of architecture from the Middle East, where she was born and raised.

On the third floor, there were four bedrooms and two bathrooms. One of the bedrooms had been used as a very large dressing room for the Master Suite. The Master Bath, renovated in the 1980’s was small and poorly laid out. By switching the functions of the two spaces, we were able to have enough space.

To evoke the moody feel of a hamman (Middle Eastern bathhouse) with the blue crackle tile and stone mosaics, pieces from the family’s travels are integrated into the main level. The kitchen was reorganized within the existing envelope and better connected to the rear garden.


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