Mill Valley Renovation in the Redwoods

Description of Existing Conditions:
This existing 1658sf cabin sits on a 7885sf lot adjacent to Old Mill Creek. In 2004, it was renovated with deck and studio additions, some of which were not built, just permitted. 

A neighbor told us that this property was once, one of several similar log cabins in the neighborhood.  At some point, the logs were removed and a small deck on the northwest corner was enclosed with a flattish roof. A large addition was also added to the east.  The roof of this addition has an uncomfortable relationship with the existing tripartite gables of the existing cottage.  

This renovation proposes to lessen the damage by cutting back the addition roof so that the three gables can “read” from front to back.  We are also removing the flat roof over the new deck addition and continuing the existing gable through to the rear.

Design Strategy:
We are updating and modernizing the interior spaces to take advantage of the views to the creek. To bring more natural light into the interior, we are enlarging the windows and adding additional skylights.  We are also ‘rationalizing’ the angle of the later addition by concealing it with built-out closets and bathrooms.

An existing bedroom will become the entry and the existing notch in the front deck will be enclosed to increase the kitchen square footage.  We will add a  small vanity area to the master bath.

The biggest design challenge is the entry to the house. Currently, one enters through the carport, or down the long, existing stone stairs to go back up to the front porch. Our solution raises the grade to the east of the entry deck to form a screening garden for the master suite as well as an entry path at the entry deck level. This will allow us to add a front gate to the east (right) of the existing carport and to provide the option of shortened, landscaped stairs to meet up with the new entry path. A much friendlier and easier approach. 

Finally, we are proposing to enclose the rear and partially enclose the sides of the carport with siding to match the existing exterior. The goal is to improve the view from the master suite and entry.

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