New House in Southern Marin

Our next residential project will create a new contemporary 3000sf two-story residence with a 500sf Accessory dwelling unit and an attached 2 car garage, with an internal stair to the main house level. 

This project started with a tired and dilapidated home on an upsloping lot, which will be demolished and salvaged as permitted.  The new house design presents a 2-story elevation, similar in size to the existing home, however the mass is spread out just above the fairly level center of the lot to take advantage of the level footprint for the south facing yard space.  Natural wood materials blend the house into the redwoods in the rear.

The contemporary design consists of rectangular forms with a flat roof that forms a “U” shape around a central front courtyard. This allows a glass ‘interior’ walled courtyard, which connects the inside to the outside and views across the canyon. At the dining room, there is a shade garden cut into the hillside to the north to allow for a view up the shaded woodland. The top floor includes 4 bedrooms with the Master Suite enjoying an exterior deck under one of the heritage redwood trees. 

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