New Residence – Cascade Canyon, Mill Valley

This steeply sloping site experienced a landslide in 1999, resulting in the loss of the existing residence.  The site looks through filtered light of the forest canopy and above.

Our clients purchased the property in the Spring of 2016.  Their program requirements for their new residence emphasizes seamless connections from the main entertainment spaces to outdoor areas, as well as transparency through the house to the east as one approaches the entry area from the west. Master Bedroom privacy and a separate teenager space are also important.

Given the tight building placement options due to the driveway location, the odd shaped lot and the steep hillside, we arrived at a central courtyard solution as a site strategy. The courtyard serves as a spatial organizer, an entry sequence path and a symbolic “front yard” for the main living spaces.

Natural cedar siding marks the sloped building mass; the dark stained siding mark the flat roofed connector pieces, thereby breaking down the mass.

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