Ranch on Sonoma Coast

Residence in North Sonoma County.

Our client, a filmmaker, purchased this 170 acre parcel on top of a shallow ridge along coastal Northern Sonoma County.  The site has views to the west of the Pacific and to the north of the mouth of the Russian River. The program included a desire for a sustainable, VOC free, off-the-grid residence where she could relax, entertain friends, as well as regenerate her creative energy.  The capability for a future small farm was also important. The idea of a simple domestic form at peace with the landscape and embracing its rural setting was not only desirable, but also required due to the Coastal zone location.

We took our lead from the long wooden gable roofed forms of the chicken coops of Petaluma, a town located south of the site.  The first structure to go up was the agricultural shed: a multipurpose party barn, builder staging area, plant nursery and future film studio.  The roof became the solar panel location for the rest of the construction.

The main house is L shape in plan, edging a swimming pool.  The long side has an all recycled redwood interior for the public spaces.  The short leg has an all white interior for the private zone including an office, bedroom, meditation space, yoga and exercise rooms. The redwood exterior is also recycled.  The metal roof is set up for future water harvesting and a possible greywater system is contemplated. The series of large sliding doors allows varying landscape views as one moves through the house contributing to the sense of a roofed yet open air pavilion in the middle of nowhere.

Construction completion: 2016
Building area: 5000 square feet

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