Sweetwater Music Hall & Cafe

We were honored to design an outdoor awning enclosure and outdoor patio space for one of the most iconic buildings in Mill Valley – the Sweetwater Music Hall & Cafe.  Due to the historic status and important location of this building, we incorporated a roll-up awning on a cassette with glass sidewalls to provide protection from wind, fog and rain.  The covered space serves a dual purpose — an attractive, all-weather option for private events, and a gathering space for concert-goers during intermissions and after the show; effectively reducing the number of patrons who gather on the street in between sets. We also introduced an ‘announcement’ board advertising upcoming events on the North side, which was a staple of the original Sweetwater and is being reincarnated in the new location.  Downward facing pendant lights will be added to the awning overhang to ‘activate’ the street, per the clients request to welcome patrons.

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