Residence in Mill Valley

Renovation in Tamalpais Park, Mill Valley

This one story residence located in a family neighborhood of Mill Valley had been changed, added onto, and pushed and pulled in many directions leaving an incoherent whole.

The residents, a family of four with two pre-teen daughters, were ready for a change.  They had lived in the house long enough to know that the entire entry space and circulation pattern did not work.  As a one story house, their daughters had little privacy from adult entertaining.  There was no comfortable family/media space and no quieter den/library. There was also no mudroom for laundry and sports equipment. However, in their favor, they had a keen sense of design and interesting family Asian pieces and other artifacts carefully collected over a period of time.

We worked very closely with them to work out the central circulating axis and to divide the house into two bedroom zones, a get-together zone (warmer, brighter colors) and a quiet/ contemplative (deeper, richer colors) zone.  They added the interior materials and the color.

The centerpiece is a tall kitchen/dining/breakfast room opening onto the rear yard used for all-ages outdoor entertaining and recreation.

Area:  2400-sf
Photo Credit: Michael Hospelt

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